Our Multi-Spindle Loaders

Standard Multispindle Loader

Standard multispindle loader

The multi-spindle loader of the STANDARD series are by now recognized and highly-regarded all over the world. They were the first to introduce a series of advantages. combining accuracy, reliability, high production rates, and noiselessness. They experienced a continuous progress, thanks to research and introduction of a series of pioneering features, which have confirmed their success.

Compact Multispindle Loader

Compact multispindle loader

The revolution brought about in the bar loading phase by a series of mechanical innovations led to the creation of the COMPACT loader, which compared to the STANDARD models, boasts the considerable advantage of carrying out the same machining operations in less space.

Basic Multispindle Loader

Basic multispindle loader

Increasing production by reducing labour; this is the key to the success of the BASIC, our new automatic bar loader for multi-spindle lathes, available for 5, 6 or 8 spindles. A solution for lathe automation with no changes to the original feeding mechanism.

One Single Spindle Loader

One single multispindle loader

The main body structure is a steel structure, weighing 1,500/2,300 kg (depending on model), anchored to the floor.