Basic Multispindle Loader

Increasing production by reducing labour; this is the key to the success of the BASIC, our new automatic bar loader for multi-spindle lathes, available for 5, 6 or 8 spindles. A solution for lathe automation with no changes to the original feeding mechanism.


By removing the stock reel, it can be connected to any multi-spindle lathe model, and is available both with channel capacity equal to the lathe maximum capacity and in the version with interchangeable channel sectors.


How It Works

It provides a compact assembly with very limited dimensions, especially the length. Practical, simple and reliable; the bar is loaded into the guides by a series of pneumatic devices. Then the electrically-operated bar pusher pushes the bar through the feed finger until inside the collet of the lathe. During the machining stage, the bar is fed by the lathe feeding system (feed fingers).

The palmtop-type portable control panel features complete diagnostics functions and allows the operator to set all operating parameters.

Please get in touch with questions about the Basic Multispindle Loader. We are here to help.