One Single Spindle Loader

One single multispindle loader

The main body structure is a steel structure, weighing 1,500/2,300 kg (depending on model), anchored to the floor.

The feeding system is linear for precise bar feeding. Maximum bar positioning accuracy (less than 0.2 mm) thanks to the axis motor. Sliding headstock lathe synchronization is based on an electric axis system.

Change the machine parts takes less than 10 minutes through the replacement of the highlighted elements below.

One single multispindle loader


  • Just one oil bath lubricating the bar guide channel
  • Withdrawing and unloading of bar crop-ends with new self-centering pneumatic ejector
  • Centralized adjustment of bar rack
  • Oil bath lubricates pneumatic bar centering device between loader, lathe, and automatic spring bushing inside the lathe spindle
  • Retractable independent top unit up to 800 mm
  • Also available with integrate bundle magazine
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