Standard Multispindle Loader

The multi-spindle loader of the STANDARD series are by now recognized and highly-regarded all over the world. They were the first to introduce a series of advantages. combining accuracy, reliability, high production rates, and noiselessness. They experienced a continuous progress, thanks to research and introduction of a series of pioneering features, which have confirmed their success.

Standard multispindle loader

The Machine

The stock reel and lathe feeding system have been completely removed to turn the machine into a  wholly automatic loader. Removal of the feed fingers and consequent increase in the machining capacity of the lathe.

Bar feeding is performed by using a hydraulic motor for each spindle. A hydraulic distributor controls the flow of each motor, allowing feeding in multiple positions simultaneously.

Standard multispindle loader

Reduction of loading times down to 18″, thanks to complete automation with an increase in lathe productivity up to 45%, without the need of limiting the spindle rotation speed or setting the drum indexing speed.

The use of die-cast components made of a particular resistant and soundproofing synthetic resin in the bar guide drum allowed for a remarkable reduction in vibrations and the noise generated by the rotating bars.

Standard multispindle loader

The choice (upon request) of the latest Pietro Cucchi innovations – rotating centering devices, automatic spring bushing, and fork centering devices – further adds to this benefit.

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